Essaouira - 1 day

Essaouira is many tourists’ darling! Previously known as Mogador to the Portuguese inhabitants, it is a charming small town on the coast well- known for local handicrafts, especially thuja wood furniture, carving and small artefacts, sold in innumerable shops along the windy streets.

Orson Wells filmed “Othello” here, making especially the Portuguese ramparts famous in its opening scene. Visit the women’s cooperative where argane nuts are processed by hand into one of the most versatile oils; delicious in salads and a treat for the skin.

At the sea front, the customer chooses a selection of freshly caught fish to have prepared on the spot. The surfing opportunities and the beach make it an ideal spot for coastal lovers. Essaouira has a favourable micro-climate; mild in winter and cool in summer.

A truly favourite place to chill after a trip to the desert – on the beach, in the little cafés by the port or wandering in and out of all the little shops.

Prices per person

No Days Meals
1 Pension:
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2 persons
80 € *
3 persons
65 € *
4 persons
50 € *
5 persons
40 € *
6 persons
40 € *

  • We do not charge for children under 5
  • The price for this trip includes the 4x4, driver and fuel. Drinks, lunch and tips are not included.

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