We just loved this adventure and our wonderful, graceful driver Abdelkader.

Our adventure was Imperial Cities, Sahara, Atlantic – 12 days/11 nights – Departure Casablanca

First and foremost, we felt completely safe and well taken care of – no small feat when crossing mountain passes! Arranging for a birthday cake to celebrate the Nth anniversary of Carol’s 39th birthday …. with singing, in the middle of the desert, was an experience we will always cherish.

We brought four guidebooks with us and were delighted when Abdel made sure we saw things which were in none of them. Telouet’s Kasbah du Pacha el Glaoui was a perfect example. I wandered around it, then went back outside. Abdel asked if I’d gone upstairs. I’d not, and he took me up to the 2nd floor. WOW! Crumbling on the outside, the interior rooms were the best we’d seen since the Alhambra! We would have completely missed it had it not been for Abdel.

I am a photographer and Abdel saw how important the direction of the sun was. Rather than crossing the pedestrian bridge to visit the UNESCO World Heritage of Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, we nimbly crossed the river to the east with the help of local kids. That put the sun in just the right place.

The value was great, some of the hotels and riads were amazing, and the experience was priceless.

We were referred to Desert Majesty by our friends Laura and Brad Duggan …. and have already referred several friends to them.

And to Felicity, Abdelhadi, Mariam and Abdelkader, our Desert Majesty friends, all we can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Ira and Carol Serkes

Our Morocco Travel Tips

1: Book your Morocco adventure with Desert Majesty

2: Download Live Trekker and Google Maps to your smart phone. If you’re a photographer, also purchase The Photographer’s Ephemeris

3: Save all your hotel, riad and museum/site addresses to Google Maps

4: When you arrive in Morocco, get a Moroccan SIM Card for your phone, and load it with a 5-10 GB Data Plan and at least a few hours of phone coverage. We used Maroc and found it had very good coverage. We used data (maps, surfing, email, etc.) much more than phone service. If you’ve an iPhone, you can also used it as a hotspot for your computer or iPad. If you run out of phone time, you can always “top it off” at a local shop.

5: When you meet your Desert Majesty driver, and whenever you have a new tour guide or check into a riad, ask them to call themselves from your phone. That way you have each other’s Moroccan phone numbers.

6: Whenever you check into a riad, start up Live Trekker and take a screen shot of your location. The GPS was quite accurate, maps were usually several hundred feet off. Start live trekker and create a “breadcrumb” trail before you leave the riad. That will show you how to return to the riad!

7: Many sites close from 1-3 pm, so plan your visits accordingly

8: When you get on a camel, hold onto the “steering wheel” handle tightly!

Visited February 2016

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