Living the Desert Life with Luxury Tented Accommodation in the Sahara

There are no spartan digs when you go on desert trips in Morocco.

a luxury tent in the desert

Where do you stay if you go on desert tours in Morocco and there’s nothing out there, including hotels or any other kind of accommodation? We’re talking about the enormous Sahara Desert, which covers much of the northern part of North Africa and is the largest hot desert in the world — a place of serene and mesmerising beauty that has become an unforgettable holiday destination.

And so, you might wonder, if there’s nothing in the desert, what’s the point of going? What is there to see and do in the Sahara that makes it such an attractive place to visit? The answer lies in the unique nature of the desert, in which it’s entirely unlike most other places in the world: no heaving crowds of people, no traffic to contend with, a total absence of pollution, no concrete jungles, and the lovely list goes on. It’s a place to refresh the body, mind and spirit and connect with nature in an altogether inspiring way.

How Long Do Desert Tours in Morocco Last?

If you’re planning a trip to Morocco and also want to go on desert trips, you’re probably also wondering how long they’re for. The answer is, it depends — on your budget and how much time you have to spend in the Sahara. At Desert Majesty, for example, we have desert trips in Morocco that are for just a few days and also up to a week or more. Obviously, the more time you can stay in the desert, the more you’ll come to understand and appreciate what life is like in this most spectacular part of the planet.

On Morocco dunes tours, you’ll get, for instance, to see how the nomadic and native Berber people have lived in the desert for centuries, using camels to traverse the mighty dunes and go about their business. You’ll also have the opportunity to clamber up those towering, wind-swept dunes and see the desert from a spectacular vantage point. And, just like the Berbers, you’ll have the chance to climb aboard your very own camel and go on an amazing trek around the Sahara.

It will be as though you have stepped back several centuries, to a simpler, less chaotic time when nature was both respected and revered and there was no constant and distracting bleat of technology to stress you out. This is the magical secret of the Sahara — a magnetic lure that draws people from all over the world back again and again to witness the pervasive serenity and ultimate tranquillity.

So Where Will You Stay in the Desert?

After your day is done trekking around the Sahara, whether on foot, on camelback or in an air-conditioned 4×4, you can look forward to an evening of luxury tented accommodation set up especially for you and your group. You’ll have all the bathroom and other necessities you need, as well as a big and comfortable bed in which you’ll sleep like a baby.

Everything you’ll need while out on your desert tour in Morocco will be taken care of — as long as you choose the right tour company: one with long experience of the harsh desert regions, expert guides who speak your language and highly experienced camel handlers — including all your meals, any entrance fees and camel riding.

Dinner, for example, will be prepared and served for you as you and your fellow guests dine under brilliantly twinkling stars that put on a celestial show just for you. It’s an incredible way to top off a terrific day in the Sahara while looking forward to another extraordinary day out among the timeless dunes.

Desert Majesty has created stunning desert tours in Morocco you can book right now. Choose the location and length of your stay in the Sahara or contact us to have an individual desert trip tailored for you.

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