Make 2019 the Year You Go on an Epic Morocco Desert Tour

There’s nothing like the desert to make you feel humble while at the same time giving you masses of inspiration and joy.

The start of the year may be a dreary time — it’s still cold, damp and generally fairly miserable — and you don’t even need reminding about all the money spent and excesses of the festive season just gone. But one of the brighter aspects of any New Year is planning a holiday or more for the coming 12 months. Proper research and planning are essential to unearthing the most exciting getaway experiences that are a world apart from the usual sun-package holidays — ones that will linger on in your mind long after you’ve left and will keep you going until your next thrilling excursion.

At Desert Majesty, we know our guests are always on the lookout for something out of the ordinary: a destination that offers an immersive glimpse at people, places and ways of life that make you stop and think about your own, and that ultimately bathe you in a rich and rewarding glow of having gone further and enhanced your worldview and experience of life. This and more is the promise of Morocco, and it’s one that almost always delivers.

If you haven’t already visited this magical land, will this be the year you put the North African country on your list and embark on Moroccan desert tours and other excursions around its mesmerising cities, towering mountain regions and more? And what can you expect when you head out into the mighty Sahara desert and elsewhere in this fascinating country of the timeless Berber people? Here, we’ll give you an overview of what could turn out to be the true holiday of a lifetime.

Sands of a Timeless Place

There is so much to see and experience that sometimes it can seem entirely overwhelming, and it’s certainly best to pace yourself and see it at your leisure, rather than rushing through cities and their exciting bazaars, handsome palaces, lush gardens and everything else — and that’s quite apart from heading out on a Morocco desert tour. After your first taste of this delicious country, you will surely feel compelled to come back again and again and indulge your senses in more succulent feasts.

Surely, chief among the country’s many attractions is the Sahara Desert and the sheer majesty, and spellbinding and timeless appeal of one of the world’s largest stretches of sand. It has to be seen and deeply experienced at least once in your lifetime, and professional Morocco desert tours, such as those we organise for our guests from around the world, give people just what they want from a trek into the enthralling desert dunes.

Some say there’s nothing in the desert but great piles of sand, with nothing to do and nowhere to go — but they’re wrong. Anyone who has spent any time in the Sahara knows for themselves that there’s a potent power in this place that can overtake even the most hardened and world-weary of travellers, and refresh not only their minds but also their souls. It’s a place of tranquillity, supreme quiet and thundering vistas to delight the eyes and heart. The Sahara has many secrets, and one of the most important it transfers to those wandering in it is learning the gift of humility and coming away with a life-changing outlook on the world.

Ships of the Sahara

Going on Morocco desert tours is not just about trekking up and down enormous, stunning dunes on foot. You can also get a view from up high, courtesy of the beloved Ships of the Desert that, like their Berber masters, have been roaming this ancient land for many centuries. You can clamber aboard your very own camel as your group heads out on a romantic caravan into the searing sands of the desert, guided all the way by a local expert who’s highly experienced in not only the Sahara and its sometimes challenging conditions but also in handling these mighty beasts.

And what better after a day in the desert than setting up camp — or having it done for you — and settling into luxurious tented accommodation that has every facility you need and where all your catering needs are met. At night you can lie out under the brightly twinkling stars — no city pollution to ruin the experience here — and get a new and incredible view of the heavens and contemplate our place in them.

It’s all as far away from your typical holiday as you can find, and it has to be done at least once. Make 2019 the year you embark on incredible Morocco desert tours.


With Desert Majesty, you can choose from one of our ready-made Morocco desert tours or you can ask us to create one just for you. Contact us now and soon you could be enjoying the majesty of the Sahara Desert all for yourself.  



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