On Morocco Desert Trips, It’s Luxury All the Way

The desert is a spartan place, yes, but if you go on Morocco desert trips the right way, you’ll lack for absolutely nothing.



Watching the sun rise and set from the astounding setting of the Sahara Desert is an incredible experience that can give you a whole new appreciation of life and the exquisite beauty of the world. You can witness this majestic spectacle of nature yourself on your very own Moroccan Sahara trip — an excursion into the timeless sands of this captivating North African land that will take your breath away and leave you spellbound.


At Desert Majesty, we organise lots of Morocco desert trips for our guests from around the world who want to experience life in the Sahara Desert — the world’s largest dry desert and one that covers most of the northern part of the great continent of Africa — and they can be a couple of days or much longer. One of our most popular Morocco desert trips is our Saharan Adventure, for instance, which lasts seven days, departing from Marrakesh and including two nights at a hotel, three days trekking on camel and four nights in a bivouac — a shelter erected in the desert for the comfort of our guests.


There is not much in the Sahara Desert, of course, and for many people, that’s its innate charm: a chance to get away from the overcrowded and frequently maddening modern world and refresh yourself in a place of absolute quiet and nothingness. But just because you’re heading out on a Morocco desert trip with a tour company like ourselves doesn’t mean you’re going to have to suffer and sacrifice all the comforts and luxuries you’re used to back home. Instead, you’ll be treated like royalty, and enjoy all the benefits of any king or queen.


Morocco Desert Trips: You’re Covered


Out in the vast Sahara Desert and its towering, dreamy dunes that seem to stretch up to the cloudless sky and meander on forever, you will want for nothing. It’s vital that you choose the right tour company so that you get the experience and luxury you desire —  preferably one based in Morocco and with expert local staff who know the challenging terrain of the desert and are able to provide everything you need.


And so after a day trekking on camel, walking or travelling around the desert in a climate-controlled 4×4, it’s thrilling to arrive at your very own desert camp, where you will spend the night in the kind of rich and indulgent luxury Morocco is famous for. Is it possible to transfer the kind of luxurious and even decadent settings of some of Morocco’s renowned hotels to desert regions? Definitely (as long as your tour company knows what it’s doing).


Living the Sahara Desert Life


At our camps on Morocco desert trips, everything is catered for. This means all the bed and bathroom facilities you could want and spacious, tented sleeping areas — often in the local Berber style — where you will feel right at home. Luxury desert camps in Morocco give you an accommodation experience like no other, and after you’ve enjoyed a sumptuous dinner catered to your wishes, you can retire for the night and have the best sleep of your life, undisturbed by traffic and all the other disrupting sounds of modern-day life.


Before you nod off, however, there’s the joy of lounging by the fire and gazing up at a sky so densely studded by the brilliant lights of stars undiluted by pollution that it will make you gasp. There’s nothing quite like this nighttime celestial show to cap an extraordinary day in one of the most astounding places on Earth. It’s simply unforgettable, as our clients tell us:




Discover for yourself how you can experience sheer luxury on Morocco desert trips. We have many excursions to choose from, or we will be happy to create your own customised tour of the Sahara Desert. Contact Desert Majesty now and find out more.



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