What to Expect on Morocco Desert Tours

Thinking about an enthralling trip to the Sahara, but wondering what to expect on Morocco desert tours? We have the essential information you need.

Group of nomads on dromedaries against clear blue sky in the Sahara desert of Morocco.

It’s not often you pack up for your holidays and head off into the desert for an incredible adventure unlike any other. After all, many people find it hard to resist the easy lure of the usual tourist hotspots to spend their holidays. But there comes a time when some of us want more than just lazing by the pool or beach and soaking up the sun until we’re scarlet and need a cool-down.

Here at Desert Majesty, we find that many of our clients are seeking something entirely different and it’s why Morocco desert tours have become such a hit in recent times. They offer you a chance to experience life out in the vast and largely barren areas of the Sahara Desert — a place of dazzling beauty, sheer escape and many magical moments that will last well after you return home.

A holiday in African desert regions is unlike anything you have ever experienced before, so it pays to know what to expect on Morocco desert tours. Your trip out into the desert will last a few days or more and it’s essential that you’re fully prepared before embarking on this thrilling excursion, so that you fully enjoy it. Here are some of our suggestions for an excellent Morocco desert tour.

Wrap up Well

The desert is beautiful, but it’s also unforgiving and mistakes can be costly. Going out into this harsh, hot-sand environment is not exactly a day at the beach, so definitely don’t expect to head off in your swimwear and slather on some sunscreen along the way. Such a proposition would be a recipe for total holiday disaster and it’s the opposite of what you need to do.

That means keeping yourself covered as much as possible from the searing effects of the strong sunshine, so that you retain as much moisture as possible. Just look at the local nomadic people out in the desert for an instant clue as to how to dress — head to toe in as much material as possible, including your head and face. Strong winds are common in many desert areas and, with no structures to block them, they can grow and whip up incredible sandstorms that can make it hard to breathe. A light scarf to wrap around your head is, therefore, essential.

Don’t Wander Off

Another vital tip for when you’re out on a Morocco desert tour is to stay with your guide and others in the group — don’t go wandering off. While you may want to climb that amazingly tall dune nearby to get an incredible view of the vast expanse of the desert, this is one place where it’s easy to become disorientated and get lost. There will likely be few, if any, landmarks around and you could wander around for ages without knowing where you are. Without water or anything else, you could soon find yourself in a great deal of trouble.

Get Properly Kitted Out

If your trek into the Moroccan desert involves riding camels, you will especially want to prepare yourself in advance. Riding a camel is not like jumping up on a horse or pony: it’s a rocky ride and so high up that you won’t want to fall off. Again, make sure you’re properly attired — with hard-wearing jeans instead of shorts — otherwise you risk getting your legs painfully chafed. As you’re sure to want to take photos, and perhaps videos, of your amazing camel ride for your social media accounts, make sure your camera equipment is tethered to you with a lanyard, or something else equally secure, to prevent it from plummeting to the ground and getting lost forever in the great sands of the Sahara. If you’re not used to riding, you may be sore the next day, so bring some aspirin or similar pain relief along with you.

Avoiding the Nighttime Chill

Spending nights in the desert under a twinkling constellation of stars is another mesmerising element of Morocco desert tours that you won’t want to miss, so you’ll want to be prepared. Because there will almost certainly be no, or only few, clouds to keep the day’s intense heat in, it will all escape into the heavens and leave you feeling the great drop in temperature. You’ll need to wrap in an extra layer and you should even consider bringing a sleeping bag with you when trekking for several days. Otherwise there are plenty of blankets in the bivouac tents. This will leave you all cosied up for one stellar evening and an altogether unparalleled holiday experience. By contrast, though, in the height of summer, it is warm enough to take your mattress outside to sleep under that panoply of stars lulling you to sleep as you gaze and gaze at their incomparable beauty.

For the best Morocco desert tours, contact Desert Majesty today. You’ll soon discover why we are the best at organising magical trips out into the Sahara desert that will leave you spellbound. Contact us today and soon you could be on your way to the trip of a lifetime.

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