Your Essential Morocco Holiday Packing List

Here’s a packing list of everything you need to enjoy your Morocco holiday.


If you’re jetting off on a holiday to Morocco soon, you’ll be wondering what to take with you so you have the best time and can easily cope with the heat, desert conditions, seaside environments, towering mountain regions, bustling cities and just about everything else in this exciting destination that really does have it all.

It’s not like spending time in a typical holiday hotspot where all you need is some beachwear and something smart for going out at night. In Morocco, you have to be ready, and properly attired, for the many conditions and environments you find yourself in — it’s true not only for the many people who visit this vibrant North African country but the people who live there too.

So to help you along and pack the right things in your suitcase, we’ve put together this essential Morocco holiday packing list, and also created a handy PDF that you can print off for easy reference.

1.  Clothing

You’ll need to dress appropriately for the places you’re going to visit in Morocco. This could be trips to the many beautiful towns and cities, as well as excursions out into the mighty Sahara desert that fringes Morocco — and way up into the High Atlas Mountains and beyond.

You may be headed out to the Sahara for a day or two, or up to a week or more, and out there, the conditions can be challenging, as it gets blisteringly hot during the day and with far lower temperatures at night, but still warm enough that you don’t need heavy clothing.

And then there’s the real possibility of sandstorms whipping up, which can make it hard or even impossible to see anything, and you could end up covered in sand.

Plus, if you’re going to be riding a camel, as many visitors do, you’ll need to dress for the occasion. For most of these activities and trips, typical holiday gear of shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops are out. You’ll need heavy clothing, such as jeans, jackets and walking boots, and scarves or turbans to cover your face and head.

2.  Dressing in Public

Generally, for days when you’re planning to just wander around the fascinating and winding streets of places like Marrakesh, Fez, Casablanca and other fascinating cities, and check out the colourful markets, it’s best to wear loose-fitting trousers and skirts or dresses that come down to your knees, at least, so you keep cool in the heat and can enjoy yourself —  and while Moroccans don’t usually wear shorts, it’s fine for tourists to dress in them.

It’s important to note that you’re a visitor in a country that is deeply conservative in nature and generally doesn’t permit much showing of skin — although in beach areas, there obviously isn’t a problem with being in swimwear, including bikinis. Respecting Morocco’s ancient culture will ensure you don’t get into situations that could be problematic and potentially ruin your holiday of a lifetime.

A hat is also essential when you’re out and about in Morocco to keep yourself from overheating, as are quality, UV-filtering sunglasses (forget the cheap ones), to protect your eyes from the extremely bright light. And for what skin that is exposed, make sure you slather on lots of sunscreen, of a high factor — 50 is best — so that you don’t risk sunburn, and consider using an equally high-factor sunblock for your lips, which are sensitive and more prone to burning.

3.  Out in the Sahara

Camel trekking in the Sahara Desert — the world’s largest hot desert and one that straddles much of northern Africa — calls for special requirements. You’ll need to wrap up well during the day and especially at night, when temperatures plummet due to a lack of insulating cloud cover. Clambering up on a camel in just shorts will ensure you’ll get off the creature with scratches because of their coarse hair and rough skin and burns to your legs exposed to the full sun. The Sahara is not a place to be a fashionista but to dress in protective and hard-wearing clothing that will ensure you have a thrilling time in this most magical of places without suffering from heat, cold or injuries. Think jeans, jackets, sweaters (if spending the night), scarves and hats.

4.  Up in the Mountains

You’ll also need to dress appropriately if you’re heading out on a tour of the incredible High Atlas Mountains, which soar up to a towering 4,167 metres above sea level. You most probably won’t be going up that far — to Toubkal, the highest peak — but you’ll certainly be up high enough that temperatures will drop a bit, so an extra layer of clothing is advisable. You’ll also need to wear solid footwear as you go around on the rocky terrain and enjoy the vistas of spectacular gorges and encounter the wonderful Berber people who live in charming dwellings carved out from the rock face.

5.  A Travel Adaptor

You may be bringing your laptop, tablet and other electronic devices (like your phone) with you to Morocco, whether you want to do some work, catch up on the news or do whatever else — and they’ll certainly need plugging in and charging. To avoid disappointment, if you can’t find an adaptor when in Morocco, or if your accommodation doesn’t have one, it’s best to bring one with you. The electrical socket in Morocco comes in two types, but essentially, they both take two round pins, and the country’s voltage is 220V, so you’ll need a converter if that’s not suitable for your devices.

Finally, as there are mosquitos in Morocco, and other bugs, it’s a good idea to add insect repellent to your Morocco holiday packing list. And it wouldn’t hurt to also pack some medication for stomach upsets, due to the different foods that you may not be used to, and for travel sickness, if also needed, to cope with the windy and mountainous roads.

Now that you know what to pack for your trip to Morocco, you can use this handy resource that tells you more about what to bring with you for a variety of destinations.

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