We had a great experience in Morocco with Houssine that for us he wasn’t just a great guide but he became in such a short time a great friend.

He gave us the possibility to us to look into the Moroccan tradition and culture, Introducing us to others Moroccan friends, that explain us, in detailed and passionate way, every different place that we had the pleasure to visit.

After seeing a lot of beautiful spots, the best moment was in the desert, not just for the amazing landscape we stumbled on or the camel walk( That was splendid as well), but also because we had the possibility to participate to a reald Berber party, just located a few meters from the desert, where we danced till the sunrise, under a sky full of stars, in front of 15 Berberian drums and a cosy fire.
People where so happy to share with us their culture and explain us the way they enjoy their life in the desert.

For all the night time we forget to be Italian, because we felt so embraced from their culture that we had the sensation to be part of the desert.

We had a lot of travels in the past years. But none make us feel so good. And now we can tell to our friend that, also for just one night, but we became real Touareg.

A special thanks to our friend Houssine and his beautiful passion for the music.

A presto!

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