What better way to get around the magnificent Sahara Desert than the way the locals do: on the back of a towering reliable camel that will not only ferry you about the dunes with ease but your belongings too? It’s no wonder these majestic creatures play such an important role in Morocco’s ancient history, and are revered throughout the North African country as an integral part of life and essential for people’s survival out in the harsh but beautiful environs of the expansive desert regions.

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Here at Desert Majesty, we know many of our guests want to experience camel riding in Morocco and in the best possible way. You won’t want to be presented with a camel and left with it; you will need experience and skill from a local handler, who knows how to deal with camels and can properly instruct guests who may never have ridden one on how to do so safely.

Expert Camel Handlers

This is why we only work with the best camel handlers in the country for our Morocco camel trekking tours. On your very own camel trip in Morocco, you can be sure you will be properly looked after at all times, from the moment you climb aboard you camel to their trek out in the desert and back home again.

Now, on camel excursions in Morocco, you can have one of the most extraordinary holiday experiences ever, as you ride high above the dunes and get a sense of how the local Berber people have lived for centuries. At night you will marvel at the brilliance of the cloudless sky as dinner is cooked on an open fire at your camp. It is something not to be missed and must be done at least once in your life.

An Unrivalled Experience

Time will simply melt away as you are camel riding in Morocco, and you will learn why the spectacular desert areas are known as a place of sheer, timeless beauty. Book your camel trip in Morocco today and see, and feel, it all for yourself.

These are our current packages for Morocco camel trekking tours:

Saharan Adventure – 7 days

  • Marrakesh

Experience nomadic desert life trekking alone with a camel-man and his camels. Cook over a camp fire, relish the beauty of the star-filled skies and the magic silence of the desert.

  • 7 days
  • Accommodation: Full-board
  • 4x4, driver, fuel and camel ride included


Per Person
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Dades: mules, Merzouga: Camels – 8 days

  • Marrakesh

Eight days adventure by mule, camel and 4×4, off the beaten track, getting to know Berber and nomadic life from an inside perspective, accompanied by local guides, mules and camels.

  • 8 days
  • Accommodation: All inclusive
  • 4x4, driver, fuel and camel ride included


Per Person
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