Top Things To Do In Agadir, Morocco

A Moroccan Seaside Paradise


Sun, sea and sand, with the stunning backdrop of the impressive High Atlas Mountains in the distance, perfectly frames this exciting holiday destination loved by people all over the world as well as Moroccans themselves. Welcome to exciting Agadir!

Here in this thriving coastal region lapped by the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll hear a number of languages spoken, Tashelhit, which most local people speak; Moroccan, Arabic and French. As the region is a major tourism area, you can also expect a lot of people to speak English, especially at hotels and places frequented by tourists. Agadir — which means “fortress” or “citadel” in the Berber Amazigh language — has its own international airport, Agadir Al-Massira International. Over the years, it has developed into a modern resort town with all the conveniences and luxuries you can expect.

These are the main things to do in Agadir, Morocco:


  • Go to the beach. What’s the point of going to a seaside resort town if you don’t spend lots of time on the beach? Agadir has one long and glorious beach that is definitely one of its main attractions. It’s well looked after and clean, and during the main tourism season — in the summer months — lifeguards are on duty. Strong currents make swimming in the sea unadvisable, and so it’s best to just dip your toes in to cool down and leave the paddling to the safety of your hotel pool. However, you can do some water sports, like jet-skiing, or take a horse or even camel ride along the beach. You’ll be safe and protected from hawkers by the police who patrol the area.
  • Visit Souk El Had: Many thousands of stalls are set out along Agadir’s biggest souk, or market, that’s a riot of colours, sounds, sights and all kinds of wares. Don’t expect a tourist rip-off market either, because this large souk is also where many local residents buy their daily needs, as it sells an enormous amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. You can pick up an ornate Moroccan lamp to take home and remind you of your holiday in Agadir, as well as some beautiful fabric to make into a dress or jacket, and pungent spices to add Moroccan flavour to your home-cooked meals. All you need to do is haggle — and here are our tips for doing just that.
  • Take a trip to Agadir Medina. This is a traditional Berber Amazigh village near the centre of Agadir, built a decade ago after an earthquake destroyed the original. Wander around the walled streets and view the wonderfully recreated local architecture and shops where people make jewellery, wood and stone carvings, items from metal and much more. You can also have something to eat or just a refreshing drink at one of the cafes or restaurants along the way.

Other things to do in Agadir include visiting Agadir Birds Valley, which is actually a zoo and an aviary. You could take a spin on the La Grande Roue Ferris Wheel at the beach and find out why Agadir is known as the “Miami of Morocco,” and visit the Museum of Amazigh Culture, to learn all about the Berber Amazigh traditions and history on which this great land was built. And don’t forget to take a stroll along the tranquil seafront promenade at the end of an amazing day in Agadir — the perfect way to wind down in Morocco’s most famous seaside resort that will have you returning time and again.

Enjoy a sublime beach holiday in Agadir and experience this incredible seaside resort for yourself. Contact Desert Majesty now and we’ll give you all the details about this holiday of a lifetime.

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