Our Team


Abdelhadi Slimani

a Moroccan Saharan nomad, was born in the desert at Erg Cheggaga, where he spent his childhood. He is happiest out in the dunes and set up Desert Majesty as co-owner and director to be able to offer others desert experiences.
The lack of rain forced the family to leave their nomadic life and base themselves in the ancestral house in the village (ksar) of M’hamid El Ghizlane. Although many Moroccans have never visited M’hamid, they know its romantic name which conjures up the image of the gazelles that used to roam this area.
Abdelhadi is an experienced and much acclaimed tour guide around the whole of the south, stretching from Ouarzazate in the west to the Dades and the Toudra Gorges and to Merzouga in the east, and south to Zagora and the dunes of Erg Cheggaga. In the last few years he has increased his knowledge of this area through accompanying clients into the mountains and west to Agadir.
His first guiding experiences were gained accompanying treks into the dunes, travelling several days with camels and all the necessary camping equipment. He taught them how to cook over a camp-fire, bake bread in the sand, pitch a tent as well as some camel lore. He is happiest out in the desert and set up Desert Majesty as co-owner and director to be able to offer others desert experiences.
Abdelhadi speaks Moroccan Arabic, Hassani, (the Arabic spoken by the nomadic people in this region and in the Western Sahara), English and French and knows a smattering of phrases in German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese taught him by clients.


Felicity Greenlaw-Weber

is a native of England and has been settled in Morocco since January 2004, when she first came to Casablanca as a qualified and highly experienced teacher of English. Until 2016, she worked throughout Morocco with the Cambridge English Language Exams as an instructor and oral examiner trainer.
She fell in love with Morocco and especially the landscapes of the south with their raw beauty and with the silence of the desert and their star-studded skies. In setting up the company Desert Majesty, she would like to offer others an opportunity to get to know this special area.
With the current climate in the Middle East and wide-spread scepticism about this part of the world, she feels it is increasingly important to offer travellers tours that will allow them greater insight into a Muslim way of life in a safe country renowned for its welcoming hospitality and vast range of landscapes.
It is Felicity who answers all your emails, requests and questions. Whatever your wish or query, you will receive a considered, individual reply. Felicity is fluent in English, German, French, Farsi and speaks enough Darija to be able to have basic conversations and to go shopping or bargain!

Hamza Slimani

is a tour guide and junior tourism agent, who has a wealth of knowledge in the industry of tourism and travelling services in Morocco. He has a degree in English, speaks excellent English, good French, and has a smattering of other languages picked up from interacting with tourists.
Hamza works as an office assistant attending to client email enquiries, providing input, making recommendations, and proposing tours, trips, and activities planned by Desert Majesty, customising them according to clients’ individual areas of interest. He makes arrangements for the tours, activities, accommodation, and transport to achieve the best possible tour experience for our clients to go home with wonderful memories and deep knowledge of his home country.
He stays up-to-date with weather and road conditions, and with accommodation facilities in order to anticipate any potential issues and to provide clients with the information and insights that help them make the most of their experiences. He is always at their disposal to offer a quick response, first-hand knowledge, and attention to detail.

The Desert Majesty drivers and guides are all from Berber and Saharaoui nomadic families. Due to the drought in the desert at the beginning of the century or due to a change in family circumstances, many of their families have settled in near-by towns.

But their hearts remain in the desert, which is where their faces light up and they feel comfortable and at home, surrounded by the dunes and camels, with the night sky above shining down on them with a myriad of familiar stars.

Many of these young men started their working lives at a young age as camel-men, taking clients on short camel rides in the dunes or over several days, when they led the camels, erected tents, prepared food and bread in the desert. Aspiring to more, some then worked in a bivouac and later became drivers; others became mechanics or went to university.

They speak several languages, mostly picked up over the years through talking to tourists as they care for their comfort, answer their questions and concerns, and explain about the local traditions and culture. These languages include English, French, Spanish and some of them speak Italian as well. In addition, they, of course, also speak Darija (the Moroccan dialect of Arabic), standard Arabic, (understood rather than spoken and learned through the internet and the news), Egyptian Arabic (through popular television programmes (again understood rather than spoken, Tamzight (Berber), or Hassani (Saharoui Arabic)

Our drivers have all received much acclaim for their thoughtfulness, helpfulness, kindness and willingness to please, their sense of humour, and their driving skills. Please let them know what your personal interests are and they will be delighted to go that extra mile to make your trip with Desert Majesty a unique experience.

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