Customised Tours

Your Morocco, Your Way

There are times when you need to get away, and a mass-selling holiday in a brochure just won’t do. You may have something in mind, but even it you don’t, you know you want something out of the ordinary and not somewhere that’s heaving with tourists from all over the world.

This is the beauty of customised tours. At Desert Majesty, we create extraordinary holidays in Morocco for our discerning clients, so that they see this glorious land just as they want to and get the experience they desire. Our Morocco holiday tours are tailored with you — not us or other parties, such as hotels and transport firms — in mind, and they can be as long or as short as you wish.

We believe in the individual touch, which is why when we start planning customised Morocco holiday tours, we begin with listening to what you want. Perhaps you might like to combine a stay in the exotic western Morocco city of Marrakesh, and take in all the astounding sights that makes this thriving North African metropolis one of the best places to visit on the continent, with a spellbinding journey out into the vast expanse and solitude of the mighty Sahara Desert and it’s towering, timeless dunes.

Or maybe you would prefer a leisurely trek among the majestic mountain regions of Morocco, taking in the stunning sights at your own place, climb aboard a camel for a truly authentic desert experience — or simply immerse yourself in a luxurious Moroccan hotel where you will be treated like Arab royalty.

If you are planning to visit Morocco on your own personalised itinerary and would like to experience the age-old, nomadic way of life out in the Sahara, we will organise sumptuous bivouac accommodation for you and your party. You will marvel at the cloudless, star-studded sky at night as you enjoy wonderful food and drinks and any troubles you had will just melt away.

So tell us how you would like your Morocco holiday to unfold, and we will create an experience for you that you will never forget. Contact us now and we will get straight back to you with details of your very own desert trip of a lifetime.

Our tours, Day Trips, treks and bivouacs can be adapted to your individual needs and requirements.

Perhaps you have looked at all our trips and like the look of them but would still prefer something more individual. Perhaps you would like an extra day in one or the other bivouacs, an extra day in the mountains to walk, not so many days on a camel trek, to spend the night at Ait Ben Haddou. There are many different possibilities and we should be happy to try and accommodate your requests.

Please let us know what you have in mind here. We will reply within 24 hours indicating the feasibility of the adapted tour and information about the price.