Things To Do In Marrakesh

Marrakesh — A Shimmering Oasis in the Heart of Morocco


Of all the many attractions and places to visit in Morocco, Marrakech stands out as a beacon of beauty, charm, intensity and colour, and activity so vibrant that it’s easy to become swept up and never want to leave. It’s a gleaming North African jewel that must be experienced at least once in your lifetime, and it’s the perfect place to base yourself in this fascinating country of ancient customs and traditions before fanning out and seeing much more for yourself. 

This is our guide to Marrakech, an enchanting city where Africa, the Middle East and Europe merge and whose history stretches way back in time to 1062, when it started life as one of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities. 

Top Attractions in Marrakesh


Medinas, mosques, markets — Marrakech has got them all, and so much more, including serene palaces, beautiful gardens and luxury hotels where your every whim will be catered for.

Market Place: Marrakesh’s central Djemaa El Fna Square. (Photo: Rosa Frei Photography)

  • Djemaa El Fna Square, the thriving focal point of life in Marrakech and described by UNESCO as a “Masterpiece of World Heritage”. Here in the city’s bustling main square, you’ll see everything from captivating snake charmers to merchants and all their many wares — and things really get going as the sun goes down and music and restaurants fire up. (Watch out for pickpockets.)

Ancient Ways: The old streets of Marrakech. (Photo: Rosa Frei Photography)

  • Medina Souks: To get a stronger, and perhaps more authentic, sense of the ancient way of life in Marrakech, head to the Medina, or historic part of the city. Here amid its labyrinth and high-walled streets, you’ll discover all sorts of stunning architecture and exotic items at the souks, or bazaars, where you can try your hand haggling (learn how to bargain like a pro in our guide to haggling).

Serene Tranquility: Bahia Palace in Marrakech.

  • Bahia Palace: Next on our guide to Marrakech is this stunning and intricate blend of Moroccan and Andalusian architecture that, like the Taj Mahal in India, has romance at its heart. It was built in the 19th century to honour the wife, Bahia, of a minister, Ahmed bin Musa. It’s one of the great places of the “Red City”, as Marrakech is known, and is open to visitors from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Among the many other attractions in Marrakech are the enchanting Jardin Majorelle (Majorelle Garden) botanical gardens famous for their lavish use of blue and that provided inspiration for Yves Saint Laurent; the stunning Madressa ben Yussef Islamic site and its ornate architecture; and — to get a flavour of the history and creativity of this timeless land — the opulent Dar Si Said Museum.

Marrakesh Travel Tips

Getting around the centre of Marrakech is easy on foot, and you can always hop into a local taxi. If you have data on your phone, Google Maps is a great option to help you out so that you don’t get lost in the swirl of life and business maelstrom.

If you know some French, you’ll find it easier in Marrakech, as well as some Spanish, as these languages are spoken alongside Arabic and Berber — and English, in the more touristy areas.

As for cash, you can use either the local dirham currency or US dollars or euros. You can visit the city any time of year as it’s mostly warm, although it gets hot during the summer months — and as Morocco is a conservative country, remember to dress modestly and to mostly keep covered. You will find Moroccans warm, friendly and inviting, and ready to help you with anything.

Marrakesh is an ideal place to stay in Morocco to explore the grandeur of the Sahara Desert. Contact Desert Majesty now and book your Sahara desert trip from Marrakech.

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