How do I choose which Morocco desert camp to stay at?

  • 06/12/2020

  Different Types of Desert Camps   There are two different types of camp in each of the Saharan desert […]

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Is Morocco a Good Honeymoon Destination?

  • 05/13/2020

Planning your honeymoon in Morocco? Everything you need to know about honeymooning in Morocco.

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Sahara Desert at sunset

Rebooking Your Holiday: When’s the Best Time to Visit the Sahara Desert?

  • 04/23/2020

When the current health crisis is over and life returns to normal, we can think about heading off to exciting […]

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Morocco and Desert Majesty under COVID-19

  • 03/22/2020

“” The team at Desert Majesty remains active during lockdown, so we are available to answer your emails.  We can […]

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Man walking in the desert on desert tour

Are Sahara Desert Treks in Morocco Challenging?

  • 02/18/2020

“”   If you’re heading out on a Sahara Desert trek in Morocco, there’re a few things you should know […]

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Woman posing in Moroccan Desert

Come with a Sense of Adventure, to Discover a New World’ in Morocco

  • 02/11/2020

“”     Felicity Greenlaw-Weber left behind her native England and started a new life in the colourful environment of […]

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a luxury tent in the desert

Living the Desert Life with Luxury Tented Accommodation in the Sahara

  • 12/16/2019

There are no spartan digs when you go on desert trips in Morocco. Where do you stay if you go […]

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The main bazaar in Marrakech

How to Bargain Like a Local in the Markets of Morocco

  • 12/09/2019

“” The price is always right when you know how to haggle on Morocco tours. The souks of Morocco are […]

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desert tours in Morocco

Morocco Desert Tours: The Ultimate Trip

  • 10/24/2019

Heading off on Morocco desert tours provides one of the best experiences around.   Perched at the top of Africa, […]

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camel trekking in Morocco

Riding High with Camel Treks in Morocco

  • 10/24/2019

The only way to have an authentic Sahara Desert experience is on camelback. Climbing up onto a camel and going […]

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packing list for Morocco

Your Essential Morocco Holiday Packing List

  • 09/30/2019

“” Here’s a packing list of everything you need to enjoy your Morocco holiday. If you’re jetting off on a […]

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5 Reasons Tours of Morocco Should Definitely Be on Your Bucket List

  • 05/07/2019

“” 5 Reasons Tours of Morocco Should Definitely Be on Your Bucket List   Unforgettable Morocco tours take in a […]

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What to, and What Not to, Take on a Desert Holiday

  • 04/13/2019

“” Booked a desert tour in Morocco and wondering what on earth you should pack? Here’s what you need to […]

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On Morocco Desert Trips, It’s Luxury All the Way

  • 03/11/2019

“” The desert is a spartan place, yes, but if you go on Morocco desert trips the right way, you’ll […]

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Travel Tips: Planning an Unforgettable Tour of Morocco Desert Regions

  • 02/07/2019

If you’re thinking of going on a desert tour in Morocco this year, we have some invaluable tips to make […]

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What Activities Can You Do in the Sahara Desert?

  • 02/07/2019

“” Are you wondering what activities you can do in the Sahara Desert? Here’s a guide. You might think there’s […]

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Morocco’s Berber People: The True Gems of a Dazzling Country

  • 02/07/2019

“” The chance to see how the ancient Berber people live today while on trips in Morocco is an entirely […]

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Make 2019 the Year You Go on an Epic Morocco Desert Tour

  • 01/16/2019

There’s nothing like the desert to make you feel humble while at the same time giving you masses of inspiration […]

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What to Expect on Morocco Desert Tours

  • 08/09/2018

Thinking about an enthralling trip to the Sahara, but wondering what to expect on Morocco desert tours? We have the […]

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trip shares

  • 07/31/2017

These shares are available over the coming months. Please remember when sharing, that although your trip becomes cheaper, there may […]

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Lonely Planet recommendation

  • 01/01/2017

A Highly recommended local agency offering trips to the High Atlas and the desert. Airport pick-ups, multi-lingual guides originating in […]

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  • 03/24/2016

We just loved this adventure and our wonderful, graceful driver Abdelkader. Our adventure was Imperial Cities, Sahara, Atlantic – 12 […]

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Aran – a four-year-old in Morocco

  • 02/14/2012

I have many friends who think we are mad taking Aran to Morocco but I have to say that he […]

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Why Desert Majesty?

  • 07/21/2011

We frequently have clients among the diplomatic staff of the US, British and German Embassies. If you would like to […]

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Desert Majesty and

  • 02/03/2011

This is what Dr Andrew Murray wrote to us on February 6, 2011 after finishing his run and having returned […]

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