5 Reasons Tours of Morocco Should Definitely Be on Your Bucket List

5 Reasons Tours of Morocco Should Definitely Be on Your Bucket List


Unforgettable Morocco tours take in a world of sights, sounds and experiences.



The mighty Kingdom of Morocco has everything you could ever need for one of the most spectacular holidays you could ever dream of — from soaring mountain peaks and rich valley gorges to indulgent beachside locations. With its colourful cities and their many amazing markets and the stunning settings of the Sahara Desert, Morocco is one country that really does have it all. Here are our five reasons why Morocco tours should certainly be on your travel bucket list this year.


  1. A Chance to Experience Marrakech

Marrakech is undoubtedly one of the finest cities in all of Morocco (with a population of just under 1 million in a country of 36.5 million people), so you can’t miss taking it in while touring the country. It’s certainly not the only worthwhile city to visit while on a Morocco tour — Casablanca – the capital, Rabat, Fez, Chefchaoeun are also worth spending time in. But some say Marrakech is the most exciting and vibrant metropolis in this exciting North African nation.


Known as the Red City, due to the colour of many of its buildings and old, imperial structures made of beaten clay, the centrepiece of this thriving and attractive city is its Jemaa el-Fnaa square and souk, or bazaar, where you can find just about anything. This ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for what it says is “an impressive number of masterpieces of architecture and art (ramparts and monumental gates, Koutoubia Mosque, Saâdians tombs, ruins of the Badiâ Palace, Bahia Palace, Menara water feature and pavilion) each one of which could justify, alone, a recognition of Outstanding Universal Value.”


  1. Glamping in the Sahara

Just because you’re planning a trip to the Sahara Desert as part of your Morocco tour doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to rough it — not when you choose the right tour operator (like Desert Majesty) and can go glamping instead. After a day spent trekking around the majestic dunes and wide, open spaces of the largest dry desert on Earth that stretches across most of North Africa, you’ll be delighted to relax and wind down in the luxurious setting of your very own camp with top-notch accommodation featuring all the facilities you could want. Then you can dine under stars so bright you’ll be dazzled by your surroundings and never want to leave.


  1. Camel Rides, without the Clichés

During a tour of Morocco, you can forget about a quick ride on a camel in an enclosed space that gives you more of a feeling that you’re at a funfair than anywhere else. Instead, you’ll find the real thing — the authentic experience of getting up on a camel and heading out on a trek into the Sahara Desert, the way the people of this land have done for centuries. You’ll be guided by an expert camel-handler who will ensure your very own “Ship of the Desert” is well-behaved and gives you that incredible camel-riding experience you’ve always wanted. And what a way to see the sights of Morocco, from your elevated vantage point.


  1. Living the High Life

Getting out and about on Morocco tours also means getting way up high — into the majestic High Atlas mountain ranges. Known as “Morocco’s hidden travel gem“, here — as you travel around on a study 4X4 that’s more than capable of traversing the oftentimes challenging terrain — you’ll encounter the remote villages of the ancient Berber people and their traditional ways of life,  which are largely untouched by the more modern and commercial aspects of the Western World. Plus, way up here, it’s truly far from the hectic pace of Morocco’s cities, so you can enjoy a peaceful time as you grab a breath of fresh air.


  1. Lazing about in Agadir

And finally, if you’ve done everything else on our Morocco tours bucket list, what better than to decamp and totally laze about as you spend time in one of Morocco’s top beach-resort areas, the magical city of Agadir and its sumptuous sands and warm Atlantic Ocean waters. It’s the perfect way to round off any holiday to one of the most incredible countries in the world.


Create your own itinerary for a Morocco holiday by getting in touch today with Morocco tours experts Desert Majesty. We’ll be delighted to design your trip around the places you want to go and sights you’re dying to see. Contact us now.



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